Beth & Alex - [River Falls]


My first wedding over 5 years ago was Beth’s sister becky. It was a beautiful wedding with so many creative photography opportunities. A few years later when I got the call from Beth to photograph her wedding I knew that it was another case of a couple who was open to going above and beyond with the photography. I remember at one point during our first meeting where Beth said: “For the photos, we'll of course be at a golf course, but neither Alex or myself are golfers or anything so we'd really prefer if the scenery not scream we're at a golf course.”

Hearing those words from Beth + Alex was exciting because I knew I would have to think differently when it came to the big day. Its easy when shooting a wedding to go to the locations all the other photographers use. But taking some time before the wedding to find locations that may not be the “prettiest” but work your technical skill and color ability will result in more dynamic shots that are earned and not given to you.