Simply Victoria + Instant Film

Instant film has been something in my life that has given me great happiness and sadness over the past 3 years. With the cost per pack at around $24 and only getting 8 photos out of that pack its incredibly hard to watch a whole pack of film be bury or underexposed due to me learning how to use the camera. No amount of research can teach you what your image will look like and when shooting with the SX-70 you have no control over the shutter speed making it even harder to get the shot you want. 


A few days ago I was asked to join photographers @Sarah Genskow and @Max Spooner on styled shoot for Simply Victoria. When I step into a space for the first time I like to walk around and get the overall feel for the location. I ask myself what can I do as a photographer to best represent the space and the mood I am in for the day. After a quick walk around the floor I decided that Polaroid would be a great way to show the space and the mood. 

This shot is a great example of taking a image and the shutter staying open for a bit to long giving the image blur.