Exploring Knorth With Chris Bartlett

Over the past few months I have built a close relationship with the dudes at Knorth Studios in Eau Claire, WI. They are a humble creative team with the mind to 'Move your brand Knorth'. 

Chris Bartlett, Photographer and Co Founder of Knorth woke me up the other day with some amazing news, we had fog and rainy weather in Eau Claire! We grabbed our cameras and headed out to explore the surrounding area. 

Within 10 min of the house we found our first spot. It was a perfect time to bust out the SX-70 and try to get some abstract images. We spent a few minutes there and headed out to our second spot. This spot had a long bride over the river and a wide open sky. 

Our third and final spot was next level! We took this long trail with a old set of stares up a hill then down to the river. It was there we both had got some of the best shots of the day. 

After our final spot the light became weak and we needed to head home to catch the Packer game. When leaving the spot we got about 2 minutes down the road when we had to turn around for this run and gun portrait opportunity!

Spending the day with Chris gave me a lot of perspective on how the guys from Knorth think. Chris truly adapts to the environment he is in, giving him the ability to take images that truly make you feel like you where there.

Make sure to check out his Personal Instagram @bartlettc22 as well as @knorth_studios