Sonshine 2015 -

Every year I have the opportunity to photograph for Sonshine Festival. Im apart of the media team working under Jackie Martinez. With Sonshine under new management our team had the huge responsibility of completely rebranding the festival through imagery.  Our team consisted of 8 photographers (from left) Connor Siedow, Bryce Miller /IG: video guy/, Hailey Kneprath, Zoey Schweitzer, Mike Yearout,  and Jackie Martinez. Grayson Hary (was working his camera magic!) 


I have been apart of a number of media teams the past few years and I would have to say that God truly blessed this team. We all worked so well together and everyone was extremely dedicated to their craft. Each member brought their own style into the mix that added a very new look and feel to the festival. *I need to call out Jackie for being the best Team Lead we could have ever had, you're legit and I love your style. keep is sassy our little baked potato

Sonshine Media Team 2015

Sonshine Media Team 2015

Conveyer - Photo by IG:&nbsp; cruisinconnor

Conveyer - Photo by IG: cruisinconnor

Help Boardshop Promo - Video by IG: bryce__miller

Crowd -&nbsp;Photo by IG:&nbsp; dreaming_outloud

Crowd - Photo by IG: dreaming_outloud

I Am They - Photo by IG:&nbsp; zoeyjean

I Am They - Photo by IG: zoeyjean

Conveyer - Photo by IG:  m  jyearoutimagery

Conveyer - Photo by IG: mjyearoutimagery

Skillet - Photo by IG:&nbsp; ayyitsjackiee27

Skillet - Photo by IG: ayyitsjackiee27

Silent Planet - Photo by IG:&nbsp; kyle_lehman_

Silent Planet - Photo by IG: kyle_lehman_