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This was my first year getting to see what this "Eaux Claires" Festival thing was all about. I have to say that this festival was definitly the best experiences I have ever had at a music festival. I do not listen to a majority of the bands who played however the experience was unforgettable. Leading up to the festival I worked for local Eau Claire merch company Ambient Inks on the some visual projects to release merch designs. Once at the festival I did coverage of the overall Ambient operations for future marketing and planing for next year. These are not all of my festival photos, however these images are photos of the people and the bands that made this festival one of the most memorable experiences of my life. 

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Sonshine 2015 -

I have been apart of a number of media teams the past few years and I would have to say that God truly blessed this team. We all worked so well together and everyone was extremely dedicated to their craft. Each member brought their own style into the mix that added a very new look and feel to the festival.

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